Air treatment

New technology for life.

The ionization of air is a criteria that is gaining importance from an environmental point of view, due to the biological effects it entails and the vast range of applications it has.

How does it work?

If, on the one hand, electric and electromagnetic pollution induce damaging actions on living creatures and in the biogenetic structure, it is also true that, on the other hand, an environment characterized by correct ionic balancing can produce a perceptible state of physiological and environmental well-being.

The degree in ionization of the air, as well as the proportion of positive and negative ions, have, on the basis of scientific research, a great influence on our state of health and body. New studies have brought to light that indispositions such as migraine, head aches, bronchitis, asthma, hay fever and general disturbances can be suppressed according to the degree of ionization. The reason behind the insufficient quantity of ionization in working environments and offices is, paradoxically, due to ventilation and air-conditioners.

The technology of the “controlled bipolar ionization” of the Periso Sa has a positive result for the health of the people as it favours its absorption by the red blood cells with benefits on all the organs.

The positive bactericidal effect of Periso equipment increases the defenses against infections, becoming a valid means to neutralize the odors, which are absorbed by the action by the activated oxygen ions.

How it arises
Natural sources of energy like lightning, waterfalls, waves of the sea and sun-rays produce revitalizing ionization of the air that we breathe and whoever breathes it.