New technology for life.

Global approach to the medical technology management in order to meet the requirements of an effective and lasting rehabilitation, in a more and more challenging social context.

The medical sector is ever evolving

The average age of population increases and the pathologies become more and more complex.

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, private facilities for rehabilitation are suffering economic constraints more and more restrictive and pressing, but shall be able to meet the assistance requirements of patients in the short and long-term, with a stable commitment to efficiency and efficacy.

E-health, innovation in healthcare

The aim of medicine of the XXI century is to make us live longer and in good health, facing more consciously the aging-associated pathologies, or arising from traumas or varied life conditions.
OECD expects that in 2030 one out of three people will be older than 60 and now, among over 65, 41% suffers from multiple chronicity.

The axis of clinical interest has moved and associates to diagnostic and monitoring technologies, pharmacological treatments and surgeries, a particular attention to the use of high technological content non-invasive rehabilitation technologies. They allow a greatly reduced patient recovery time as well as actions focused on treating complex pathologies, including degenerative.

Periso in this new scenario sets as objective not only patient care but also health management in all aspects, by setting as confident persons some health professionals operating all over the world.

Take care of your patients, we will think about the rest!

The medical devices shall not be considered as an expensive capital investment, but rather as a technological aid allowing to improve the operating performance of healthcare facilities.

PERISO offers complete solutions ranging from provision to installation, setting into operation and maintenance of the device, along with appropriately trained personnel, for a fixed and agreed cost.

Optimizing profitability
of investments

We acknowledge your commitment to offer the best care solutions to the patients and share the commitment to instrumental technological innovation.
That is why we are glad to help to develop an investment plan on the base of your clinical and business requirements, to understand not only economic but also structural advantages of a correct approach to the instrumental assets.

and assistance

We guarantee on all technologies full maintenance and assistance services, provided directly or indirectly.
We provide assistance agreements to optimize the service management and organize training days focused on teaching the correct maintenance of instruments, to improve their performance and increase the users’ professionalism.