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New technology for life.

Every day our bodies fight silent and invisible, but potentially dangerous enemies.

Foreign organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites threaten our health In many cases, we don’t feel this fight because our immune system destroys most organisms before the onset of symptoms. However, sometimes these harmful germs have the upper hand.

What can we do in this case to counter the spread of these enemies?

Air Cleaning

The hygiene of the environment in which we find ourselves and the air we breathe can be achieved through the “Controlled Bipolar Ionization” which simulate what happens in nature.
This Technology is particularly useful for stopping the spread of viruses.

It has been shown that air ionization:
– Destroys viruses and bacteria [1-12]
– Reduce bacteria and germs on the surface [1-3, 13-16]
– Reduce particles in the air [17,18]
– Increases the mood and well-being [19]

Effectiveness of technology

Periso has been in the air purification sector for over 30 years and has developed the “CONTROLLED BIPOLAR IONIZATION” technology, which is confirmed by numerous clinical analyzes that can be found via the following link: