Renewable energies and energy saving represent our future.
PERISO is deeply committed to safeguard our planet.

Renewable energies and social progress

Dealing with renewable energies has become by now a need, connected to the socio-economic progress and modernity, for we live in a period of people’s great sensitivity to health and planet protection.

The challenge is to go beyond the limits of the existing technologies and realize systems able to store the energy produced and adjust it to the request of the utilities, by eliminating waste and costs of production and fruition for the whole community.

PERISO commitment to health and environment

PERISO is committed on the front line to protect the environment, by designing and realizing new ecofriendly and eco-compatible technologies for production and storage of energy.

The multidisciplinary engineering capabilities allowed PERISO to design and develop patented technologies such as superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES); devices for pyro-gasification; re-engineering of control systems for wind power stations and photovoltaic parks.

(Encapsulated Lumped Energy Achievement)

E.L.En.A. (Encapsulated Lumped Energy Achievement) is a technology for an optimized use of the energy produced by renewable sources as well as an additional instrument to manage criticalities of the electrical system (above all in situations of sudden increase of the demand or limit the risk of black-out).

The purpose is to make absorb sudden electrical systempeaks and drops by a battery/store/storage system, serving as protective device against overvoltage in electrical systems, that could damage all the devices connected.