CTU S-Wave

CTU S-Wave


The sound pressure field generated by the shock waves is a divergent field tending, by nature, to produce
specific spatial gradients.

In CTU S Wave the operator, through a simple and intuitive software interface, can changethe temporal and
spatial gradient of the shock wave issued, depending on the characteristics of impedance, elasticity and
absorption of the various damaged biological tissues.The technological innovation of CTU S Wave is a more
effective approach to the pathology to be treated.

Furthermore, CTU S Wave combines the effects of the induced energetic component of the pressure field
connected to the shock wave with the effects of the diamagnetic repulsion by associating biostimulating
action with a drainage effect allowing the reduction of treatmenttime by optimizing healingtime.

The shock wave generator of CTU S Wave is a patented device and is the only one that can offer the chance
to contextuallymodulate the following values:

• spatial/temporal gradient of the wave
• power (namelythe pressure gradient)
• waveform (defined “envelope of the wave generated”)
• overall energy that will influence the desired effect on the tissue
• three-dimensional holographic focuson the tissue under treatment.

CTU S Wave has an electromagnetic generator, and this causes a substantial evolution of the
transduction process.
When the shock wave is developed, the magnetic energy is transduced into mechanical energy and
transferred to tissues through special focus lens behaving like Fresnel lenses. Fresnel lenses result to be
convenient because allow having a flat contact surface with a very reduced volume making its positioning
and application easier.The lenses can be portioned into series of annular concentric sections to obtain
different focal lengths but also different focal geometries, by adjusting again the pressure wave to the
anatomical area and the pathology.

The flat lens reduces the painful component generating through contact, namely through solicitationof
more superficial pain nerve receptors.
The residual magnetic energy, finished the transduction effect into tissues, is used to obtain an analgesic
and anti-inflammatory effect increasing the treatment efficacy to shock waves.

By using the exclusive diamagnetic effect of CTU S Wave, the interaction of the magnetic field on tissues
can be intensified and extended over the time, including during the therapy, and further effects, other than
those usually produced by the traditional shock waves, can be obtained:

• analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;
• acceleration of soft tissue repair process (ulcers, wounds hard to be healed, burns);
• drainage by DIAMAGNETIC ACTION of oedematous tissues and of accumulations of slags arisen during
breakdown, and by the inflammatory condition of the tissue under treatment;
• total pain absence during application by effect of cell wall hyperpolarization.

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